AKI is the first track off the untitled upcoming album from Snowmanfloza due out in April.


My insides are bursting, how about yours, probably not
I feel I’ve got a lot of inner molten red-hot lava rock
I’ve done it from the place and I’m the only one that has the key
And bravery to go see what can be achieved
There’s something inside all of us that wants to go explore
And stray from safest paths, that offer nothing more
The AKI is inside of us connect and travel on
Let it take control and levitate to the beyond

Aki Aki, spreading through my body
I control my destiny and nobody can stop me (2X)

Blasting off and moving quick, the ecosystem starts to slip
The axis tips and shows us sign of sights that are magnificent
I went and got anther view from where I was the scene was blurred
By masks we use from day to day to lose ourselves in the observed

The place I’m taking you, you cannot go unless I hold your hand
So I can guide you through the parallel and innermost intense
Do not plan to stay unless you have been prepped by solitude
Which I engage when I create the marks that only words can use
Only words can use symbols that are on the page
Authority is questioned when we understand the strange

Aki Aki, spreading through my body
I control my destiny and nobody can stop me (2X)

Is your heart still open to receive the brand new message I display
Words pile like blocks and interlock to build your own gate way
I’ve opened up myself to you with every sound that ripples by
The burst of light that follows emanates and can be seen world wide
The faster that I speak, the excitement slowly starts to build
Then I hypnotize the audience and good energy is spilled
If my legs are shaking then you know the countdown has begun
Till I pass you my AKI and you feel what I have been on
It can happen, even if it’s late you can still change
Just accept my love and forge a future to unplain
Events will shake your life can you comeback when counted out
For me there is no doubt that plans have changed by I’m creating now
Focus on the prize which for some is only money based
For me this is a chance to live forever and transcend time and space


from L​.​E​.​D. Kids, track released March 11, 2013
Beat by Birdy Earns




Snowmanfloza Hollywood

Snowmanfloza is the lead singer of Deep Space Orbit. He is dedicated to the advancement of music into new and futuristic realms. Follow him @snowmanfloza

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