Hypnotic Laser Space Adventure

by Snowmanfloza

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Pictures by Omar De La Riva


released February 22, 2010



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Snowmanfloza Hollywood

Snowmanfloza is the lead singer of Deep Space Orbit. He is dedicated to the advancement of music into new and futuristic realms. Follow him @snowmanfloza

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Track Name: In L.A.
Do you know me/ well look me up
I'm the master of all gimmicks, what
I'm the one that likes different music, yes
but some how rap just sounds the best
different sounds all around but i still want to flow
amateur man, hell no bro i turned pro
get up get up, up in the morning
make sure you are living what is your best dream

people still laugh when i say i rap,
man aren't you too old for the crap
i say, yeah oh my god yes i guess i am
but I'm rapping for the Deep Space orbit clan,
do many many shows on the weekends yeah,
all these people are here just to see me rap
so i deliver the goods when i am on the stage
no matter if your 21 or under age

love chilling solo, yes i love reading
hit me in the face with a chair i love bleeding
hey baby do you know my style?
if you do than you know that I'm really wild
now is not the time for us to be serious
now is the time for us to get delirious
pour some spirits in a shotty glass
I hope this memory always lasts

when you think of me, you should think of my style
think of the ways in which we got wild
no matter what your doing
no matter what we have done
i have won cause i made this song
this is not a fad, this is not a faze, this is rap it stays
this is what Ive made to present to you,
to present to them
and its for the world which makes it a win

I'm the new Green Lantern, lyrics strong like Thor
Tron in 3D is superior, get me on the grid like little Flynn
that's where i was, that's where Ive been
Track Name: If we could be One
If we all could be one?

written, recorded, mastered by Snow

Spock- Live Long and Prosper

everybody out there/
can you sense me in your brainwaves/
cause i am attempting to enter your mind/
if we all could be One/ Unite in peace/
if we all could be One/ We would fuse/

i see candy in your heart and unicorns
inside your lips/
when your skeleton transports there's a transfer and a shift/
see your figure and your stamina they animate your night/
nothing in this world could ever be more right/

if we all could be One/ Unite in peace/
if we all could be One/ We would fuse/

kiss your girlfriend on the lips/
and adore your partner,
keep fondness for your brother/
have tenderness for others warmth
and passion for the public/

I'm so positive, that's how i try to live/
i love everyone that i know/
so i know I'm not alone

"Spock" - Live Long and Prosper
Track Name: 9 Year Habit
9 year habit- written, recorded, mastered by Snow Mendoza

9 years in the game/ I'm 27
I'm slowly learning all of lives lessons
had a kid/ got a wife/ got a 40 hour job so at night/
i disappear into my room,
to let the beats bang and the bass boom/
i create music it cleanses my soul/
you have to do what you love your never to old/

your never to old when I'm 85 ill still be doing these shows
i guarantee I'm not making money/
all i really ask is that you listen to me/
and you really take time to hear,
every thing i say up in your ear/
social commentary from a street level wizard/
once i was in Vegas my friends turned to Lizards/
is this fear and loathing?/
am i wearing Hunter s Thompson's clothing?/
i hope that as an artist i am finally growing?/
that i am showing that i am finally growing?/

support a boy named snowy,
a wife named Vanessaa, a baby named Ziggy/
not to mention, i got a Rap Habit, i need an intervention/
your loving me to death, writing's my reaction/
but nothing can make me blue i got all that i really need/
such as house and a studio to speak what i believe/
times when i am alone i enter to this different zone,
where words and sound intertwine upon the tip of my tongue/
which i use to serenade groups of many different shades, and ill never get paid/
so i do this for the pride, and the heart, and i give it all i can/

every song that I've ever made and given to you,
means something so special deep in my heart/
i take a piece of my soul, and let it out line by line/
i am trying trying trying to show you all my cards/
i don't wanna leave nothing on the table/
Mr invisible transparency/
trying to expose every social fallacy/
of which there are many which i am passionate/
sometimes i think about getting my doctorate/
just to get a little bigger piece of knowledge/
read more books so your words are polished/
next your mind becomes a dictionary/ thesaurus's are scary/
so is getting married/ so is getting carried of the court,
torn ACL
made it back next show I'm raising hell/

just know/
if you attend my shows, expect some super hype raps, I'm intense explode/
just know/
i might jump into the crowd and say some weird things of which I'm not proud/
just know/
i don't mean no harm once i jumped off stage and dislocated my arm/
i learned so much from punk about the speed and range/
and the spectacle when you get on stage/

i consider my style one of electro rap/
with a tad of Elton john and a David bowie dash/
mixed with an intellectual one world message/
every person in the world i wish that i could bless them/
and anyone whose sick,
i wish that i could come and heal them/
it seems that this should be the point of all of the religions/
and now that i am not alone ill never let you down/
its the truth, its my fault, its my life, its my sound

i was born in Hollywood back in the 80's/ 1982
and early on i realized when i was older i would do,
a lot of things that many people thought were unconventional,
not to mention that i like to cause a weird spectacle/
but now that I'm a father I'm expected to be normal/
i enter through my portal, my studio's a black hole/
and after all these years so much has happened I'm still happy
i just keep it positive and make sure I'm always laughing/
if there's one thing i know its that life is never easy,
if you don't find me writing,
than you'll probably find me teaching/
and now were near the end it seems i have no more to tell,
if i only have one wish it's that my family is well,
but if i had a second wish its for the world to be one/
id abolish every war and spend the money on our young/
and even in the blackest night ill know that i have won,
yes even in the blackest night ill know that i have won

write me back if you liked it.
Track Name: THE TIDE
written, recorded, mastered by snow mendoza

The Tide

Everybody on this planet,
Hello, I'm wishing rainbows on you
How do you do? i hoping very well,
I'm introducing myself to make this more formal
and i want you to know that i love you all the same
just wanted to say hello before my brain
leaks words and sounds upon this plain
its something that i can not explain

Ive been chasing my shadows I'm ahead of my hopes
the only way that i cope is to write it down in my notes(2X)

i swear I'm gonna do this rap rap thing until the day i die
to satisfy and pacify my hunger to clarify
and if i have to clarify something,
its that i do not make music for the money
i make it for the youth,
the disenfranchised people who got nothing to lose
always loved language even though I'm not a linguist
insist on spreading literacy, i insist
its dangerous to think that i will be here forever
my endeavor is to leave my mark forever
when i leave this planet i don't wanna leave your brain
i want my lyrics to stay there like a stain

i want someone to take my ashes deep into the sky,
spread them in the rings of Saturn so ill always fly
and amongst this beauty i will finally rest
and turn into a star to light a world Ive never met
and if your listening now get up and do it
make use of it your mind and your spirit
so now that Ive gone and situated myself
on top of the shelf with only a fews help
Chris Moreno Robert Singer bobby bell
those are the guys that propelled me to where i am now
a couple of times i almost gave up rapping,
Vanessa pushed me on said i couldn't let that happen

i was a sailor, i was born upon The Tide, by the sea i did abide
Ive sailed my vessel through the horn of Mexico
Ive seen the rivers valleys mountains and the snow
Ive been tossed out my crew they said i was killed
but somehow i am living still
but somehow i am here i am living still
they buried me in that Grey tomb that knows no sound
but somehow I'm am still around
they buried me in that Grey tomb that knows no sound
but somehow I'm am still around

I'm still around just like a top
I'm still around just like the cops
I'm still around just like cancer
how come there's no cure for that dirty dancer
why are we at war when there's so much disease
am i on the left, yes, probably
republicans step away from me,
we must give it up to those less fortunate than we
come see what we can do when we join together
come see what we can do when we do not believe in never
Michael Jackson's dead but i don't care cause he molested
the night is always darkest when the dawns about to break
intake the morning you've forgotten your mistakes
take back your life and forget about the past
hold fast to the future which we cannot for-cast
promises and plans man they never seem to last

man danger is here and it is coming
its snow Mendoza making something out of nothing
its ratatat that provided the beat
and i kind if feel like it is perfect for me
i kind of feel like the last of the Mohican's
raise up my voice so the people hear me speaking
been composing for years, never know whats next
but Ive been striving to inject a quick witted intellect