Android Sushi

by Snowmanfloza

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released February 22, 2008




Snowmanfloza Hollywood

Snowmanfloza is the lead singer of Deep Space Orbit. He is dedicated to the advancement of music into new and futuristic realms. Follow him @snowmanfloza

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Track Name: Good Boy/ Bad Boy
Good Vs Bad (fea Ash from Army of Darkness) fea snow 3
- A song about the duality of every man.

Beat by Snow
Recorded by Snow
Written by Snow

(ash) im bad Ash, your good Ash,
your goody little two shoes, your goody little two shoes!

(snow 3) Im a good boy, Im bad boy/
Whats your name? whats your name?
the name be Snow Mendoza

ash( groovy)

im a bad boy/ its inside of me/ no matter what/
I got (dr)Hyde in my blood/
im bruce banner/ that means that you wont like me when im anrgy/
please dont make me agghaaahh!
i am legend/ im a zombie/
im more evil dead than Sam Raimi/ more abstract than salvador Dali/

You cant help me/ im Magneto
Im a torpedo blowing up all your heroes/
im a good boy/ i try to be a good boy/
but its hard to be a good boy when im into anarchy boy/
im a total individualist/ im a good boy, and a bad boy/